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Robast Methods for the RICH Ring Recognition and Particle Identification

N. Chernov a,  E. Kolganova b,  G. Ososkov b

aUniversity of Alabama, Birmingham, AB USA
bJoint Institute for Nuclear Research, Dubna, 141980 Russia,

Problems of direct processing of the raw RICH data are discussed. The robust technique is applied to ring fitting. It is based on a least-square method with recalculated weights depending not only on the distance of a pad from the fitted circle but also on the signal amplitude of the pad. The proposed method leads to reliable parameter reconstruction from raw data for a single ring, as well as for two overlapping rings. Computed ring parameters are then successfully used for the particle identification.

Key words: RICH detector; raw data; circle fitting; particle identification; robust method; optimal weight functions

Joint Institute for Nuclear Research

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