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International Workshop

Proceedings Information 
Information on the proceedings of the workshop
General Information 
The Bogoliubov Laboratory of Theoretical Physics of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research organizes an International Workshop "Self-similar systems". The workshop will be held in Dubna, a small quiet town surrounded by forest on the bank of the Volga river, 120 km north of Moscow. It will start on Thursday morning July 30 and end Friday August 7, 1998

The Workshop will be devoted to diverse aspects of self-similar systems. The main attention will be paid to mathematically justified theories (the wavelet analysis, solvable models of self-organized criticality, quasicrystals, etc). There will be a special session (around 5-6 August) devoted to the commemoration of the centenary of Ya.L. Geronimus. This will put a particular emphasis upon orthogonal polynomials (general theory and classical, semi-classical, Laguerre-Hahn polynomials, etc). 

An expected number of participants is 50-60, including a number of people invited by organizers and students. There will be review lectures of 45 min and shorter special seminars for experts. Selection of talks is by the advisory and organizing committees. Due to the interdisciplinary character of the workshop, there will be introductory mini-courses: "Time-frequency analysis and wavelets" by B. Torresani, "Wavelets and multifractals" by S. Jaffard and "Discretizations in Lie groups" by A. Iserles. 

  • Wavelets and other self-similar functions 
  • Self-organized criticality 
  • Multifractals 
  • Orthogonal polynomials 
  • Eigenvalue problems with the singular continuous spectra 
  • Quasicrystals 
  • Self-structuring phenomena and turbulence 
  • Difference equations and numerical methods 

Click here for the Preliminary program and Second Announcement

Advisory Committee 
R. Askey (Madison) 
A. Iserles (Cambridge) 
V.K. Mel'nikov (Dubna) 
M. Schroeder (Gottingen) 
K. Sneppen (Copenhagen) 
D. Dhar (Bombay) 
S. Jaffard (Paris) 
J. Patera (Montreal) 
A.N. Sharkovsky (Kiev) 
Organizing Committee 
V.B. Priezzhev (BLTP JINR) 
V.P. Spiridonov (BLTP JINR) 
A.L. Baranovski (LCTA JINR) 
L.B. Golinskii (ILT, Kharkov) 
E.N. Russakovich (JINR Internat. Dept.) 
A.M. Povolotsky (BLTP JINR) - Scientific secretary 
Conference Fee 
The Workshop fee for 10 days is 450 USD. It includes transportation from Moscow airport Sheremetievo-II  to Dubna (2 hours drive) and back, hotel accommodations (rates for double occupancy), coffee breaks, reception, a social program and the book of proceedings. For those who cannot participate for full time the fee will be reduced by an appropriate amount. The fee for accompany persons is 200 USD. The number of supporting grants for students will be determined after obtaining responses from funding organizations. The fee will be accepted in cash during the registration in Dubna. 
Registration Form 
Please return registration form to A.M. Povolotsky by e-mail or fax (7-09621) 6-50-84. Further details and the visa application form will be sent separately. 
Prof. V.B. Priezzhev or 
Dr. V.P. Spiridonov 
Bogoliubov Laboratory of Theoretical Physics 
Joint Institute for Nuclear Research 
141980 Dubna, Moscow region, Russia 
Fax: (+7 09621) 65084 
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