Meetings in BLTP: 1997

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March-April, 1 month
Research Workshop
Nucleation, Cluster Growth and Nuclear Multifragmentation

June 8-July 6
Research Workshop
Current Few Body Problems

June 17-20
VI School-Seminar
Secrets of Quantum and Mathematical Intuition

July 2-5
International Conference

July 7-12
7th International Seminar

July, 2 weeks
Research Workshop
Integrable Systems, Quantum Group and Quantum Gravity

July 22-26
International Seminar
Supersymmetries and Quantum Symmetries

July 28-August 2
International Conference
Symmetry Methods in Physics

Mid August, 2 weeks
Research Workshop
Strongly Correlated Systems
August, Zeuthen, Germany
4th Workshop on
Physics Program of Polarized pp- and pn-collisions at HERA

August 26-September 5
International School
Strongly Correlated Systems and Critical Phenomena

September 9-14
The International Conference
Nuclear structure and related topics

Mid September, 2 weeks
Research Workshop
Collective exitations in nuclear and mesoscopic systems

September 20-22, Rostock, Germany
4th International Workshop on
Progress in Heavy Quark Physics

October 1-29
Research Workshop
Deconfinement at Finite Temperature and Density

October 6-13, Tashkent, Uzbekistan
International School-Seminar
Structure of Particles and Nuclei and their Interactions

December 9-11
X International Seminar
Gravitational Energy and Gravitational Waves

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