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International Workshop

General Information
The Bogoliubov Laboratory of Theoretical Physics at the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research are organising the International Workshop "Physical Variables in Gauge Theories". The Workshop will be held in Dubna, Moscow Region, Russia, during September 21 - 25, 1999.

This workshop comes at an opportune time when there have been significant advances on a broad front in our understanding of the physical degrees of freedom to be found in gauge theories. The meeting will bring together experts on a wide range of approaches to share and explore these latest developments.

The central themes of the workshop will include: extracting the true degrees of freedom in constrained dynamics; identifying the correct variables in the infra-red domain; studies of quantisation, renormalisation and the renormalisation group for the physical degrees of freedom; the incorporation of nonperturbative and topological structures into the construction of the true degrees of freedom; investigations of permitted boundary conditions and gauge structures in non-abelian gauge theories; studies of the interaction between physical variables; the impact of such variables upon phenomenology and their implications for descriptions of all aspects of the standard model and its immediate extensions.

This workshop will take place immediately before the International Bogolyubov Conference on Problems of Theoretical and Mathematical Physics (September 27 - October 6, Moscow-Dubna-Kiev) .

The main topics of the meeting will be:
  • Constrained Dynamics and the True Degrees of Freedom
  • Quantisation and Renormalisation of Gauge Theories
  • Infra-Red Limit of Gauge Theories
  • Global Observables and Non-Perturbative Methods
  • Physical Variables and Phenomenology

The following physicists have express an interest in attending the workshop.

Organising Committee
Kurt Haller (Storrs)
Taro Kashiwa (Kyushu)
Arsen Khvedelidze (Dubna, scientific secretary)
Martin Lavelle (Plymouth)
David McMullan (Plymouth)
Victor Pervushin (Dubna)

Registration Form

You can register on-line or send the registration form by e-mail not later than May 20 1999 to Arsen Khvedelidze


When you register for the meeting, please also send a short abstract of your talk to

 The abstracts of the talks to be presented at the workshop will be placed on the web nearer to the date of the meeting.

Workshop Fee
The Workshop fee 350 USD includes:
  • Accommodation: 5 nights in Dubna hotel;
  • Transportation from and to Moscow Airport (120km);
  • Welcome party;
  • Workshop dinner;
  • Excursion;
  • Visa application (usual cost $30);
  • A copy of the proceedings.
The fee will be accepted in cash upon arrival.


It is planned to publish the proceedings of the workshop.

Contact Address
Dr.Arsen Khvedelidze
Bogoliubov Laboratory of Theoretical Physics
Joint Institute for Nuclear Research
141980 Dubna, Moscow region,

Phone: (7-09621) 63720
Fax: (7-09621) 65084
E-mail:Arsen Khvedelidze

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