Joint Institute for Nuclear Research
Yerevan State University

Problems of (Supersymmetric) Integrable Systems

Armenia-Dubna Workshop, 24-26 December 2013

Dubna, Russia

The second Armenia-Dubna Workshop on Problems of (Supersymmetric) Integrable systems to be held at the Joint institute for Nuclear Research, Dubna 24-26 December 2013. It is following up to the previous such workshop which took place in Dubna 24-25 December 2012.

The workshop is organized by the Bogliubov Laboratory of Theoretical Physics, Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, and by the Laboratory of Theoretical Physics, Yerevan State University, with support of ICTP Network Project NET68. The workshop is a part of Ter-Antonyan - Smorodinsky program of BLTP.

The idea is to bring together young scientists from Armenia and Dubna, who either collaborate with each other or are going to establish such a collaboration.

Organizing Commitee
  • Tatiana Donskova (Secretary), Dubna
  • Alexei Isaev, Dubna
  • Sergey Krivonos, Dubna
  • Armen Nersessian, Yerevan
  • Vladimir Papoyan, Dubna
List of Speakers
  1. Zhirair Avetisyan
  2. Dmitriy Chernyavskiy
  3. Andrey Derbyshev
  4. Tigran Hakobyan
  5. Nikolay Izmailian
  6. David Karakhanyan 
  7. Arsen Khvedelidze        
  8. Artavazd Kostanyan
  9. Anatoly Kotikov
  10. Nikolay Kozyrev
  11. Yevgeny Mamasakhlisov
  12. Andrey Mironov
  13. Sergey Mironov
  14. Armen Nersessian 
  15. Kirill Orekhov
  16. David Petrosyan
  17. Armen Saghatelian    
  18. Hayk Sarkisyan
  19. Stepan Sidorov
  20. Anton Sutulin  
  21. Vahagn Yeghikyan